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The Double Bender Adult Tourney

June 16-18, 2017 and August 11-13, 2017

Two chances to be a bender in our adult hockey festival.

Tournament Contact

Eric Besse


Phone: 763.717.3210 Cell: 763.226.3739

Cheryl Blaker


Phone: 763.717.3229 fx: 763.785.3660

Fundraising Help

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Description of tournament

If a beer-drinking hockey tournament is fun once, it must be even more fun a second time. Join us for a double dose of great hockey with The Double Bender Adult Hockey Tournament.℠


Tournament Features

  • Three game guarantee
  • T-Shirts for Champions
  • 3 free beers per player
  • All games at Schwan Super Rink
  • Special golf rates at Victory Links for participants
  • Discount to play in both tournaments. ie; the Double Bender!
  • Tailgate area for participants enjoyment

Tournament Fees

June 16-18  $600 per team*

August  11-13  $600 per team*

Register for both weekends  at the same time for only $1000 savings of  $200 

No Refunds will be given if team drops after Application Deadline


*$300 deposit or full fee due at time of application


Divisions Offered

  • Men's B
  • Men's C
  • Men's CII
  • Men's D
  • Men's DII


  • Women's B Upper
  • Women's B Lower
  • Women's C Upper
  • Women's C Lower

Tournament Rules

Game Format

  • Four minute warm up.
  • Clock starts when Resurfacer doors close. BE READY!
  • Three 17-minute running time periods.
  • Stop time will be used during the last two minutes of third period if game is within 3 goals.
  • Off sides: all players must tag up before entering zone to play the puck.
  • Red line icing
  • Penalties—go to penalty box and time will start at the drop of puck. Time will run during stoppage of play.
  • Three-penalty rule—any player receiving three penalties in one game will be asked to leave for the balance of the game.
  • No time-outs during game

Tournament Format

  • Divisions that have four teams will follow round robin format.
  • Divisions with six or eight teams will follow pool play format.

Pool Play Format

  • Pool A and Pool B. Teams will play everyone in their pool.
  • Division with 8 Teams
  • The team with most points in their pool will play opposite pool for Championship
  • Division with 6 Teams
  • The team with most points in their pool will advance to semi finals
    • Two points for a win
    • One point for tie
  • Tie in pool play—the following will determine winner:
    • Head-to-head result
    • Fewest goals allowed
    • Most goals scored
    • First team to register
    • The team that drinks the most beer


  • If in bracket play a game is tied a 3 Player shoot-out will decide the outcome.
  • If still tied, each team alternates with one shooter until an advantage is held. No player may shoot a second time until all players have shot once.

Tournament Rules

  • No Double rostering within Category
    • Players may only skate on one age level, women's, and letter team.
    • Exception Goalies
  • No checking—All levels
    • Minor penalty assessed for checking infractions.
    • Coincidental penalties—team skate full strength.
  • Slap Shots
    • Slap shots will be allowed for this tournament.
    • Be smart
  • Fighting
    • 5-minute major, game ejection, plus one game suspension. No exceptions!
    • Instigator. A two-minute penalty may be assessed to a player who “started” the fight.


  • Two officials will be scheduled for all games.
  • Players are not allowed to confront the officials.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated!

Application Deadline

For June 16-18  weekend  due by May 16 or when bracket fills

For August  11-13  weekend due by July 11 or when bracket fills