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UPDATED: Making ice in LA? No problem...well, maybe.

01/24/2014, 7:30am CST
By Scott Clasen

Updated January 24: We've updated this blog to include the latest photos from Brandon.

Living in Minnesota, we all have dreams this time of year in heading somewhere warm. For our Director of Operations Brandon Radeke (pictured above), he's mixing in work after heading to a warmer climate. Brandon also moonlights at Excel Energy Center working on the ice crew for Minnesota Wild games, so he knows all the ins and outs of ice making. That moonlighting work also means he's gotten to know many people from the NHL, so he was tapped to help prepare the ice for the NHL's Stadium Series game in Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium. The LA Kings will play the Anaheim Ducks Saturday, January 25.

Brandon arrived last Sunday and has been posting about his experiences on his Facebook account. Below are his posts so far and pictures he's included. Sounds like they are running into some challenging conditions!

Day #12 - January 24

Practice day Friday. Finally got the ice resurfacers running right and the ice is in great shape. KISS stage is ready and the volleyball court is ready. Things are crazy around the stadium. KISS might do a rehearsal Friday night. That should be fun.

Day #11 - January 23

Media skate tonight. Sheet held up great. Palm trees around a ice rink just doesn't make sense and then the fog rolled in. I hope this doesn't happen on game day....nightmare. Also celebrities showed up tonight. Alyssa Milano, Cuba Gooding Jr, and more. 

Day #10 - January 22

Day 10. Not much to post because we just needed to build ice tonight. We will be over 2" come game time. We did bring out the mini machines tonight. Tomorrow is media day which includes a skate. Don't worry the ice crew did get the first skate tonight but was told not to show it. We were the first to ever skate in Dodgers Stadium. It was 64 degrees out. Better pictures tomorrow. Grammy traffic starts so we will see who is staying here!

Day #9 - January 21

I was lucky enough to become a movie star. ( I am close to Hollywood ). We shot a Coors light commercial and we were the mountain men to save the day! Awesome experience. We put down all the logos tonight and flooded like crazy. Tomorrow flooding again and the first skate might happen. It was an awesome night. Look for the commercial on game day. Good night or good morning everyone. (Late night!)

Day #8 - January 20

Well all the lines are in place and will do logos tonight. Lots of logos. Coors light made some special beer labels for us. 

Day #7 - January 19

Rink is painted white. Lines go down tonight. Lots of signage going up now. I will take better pictures tonight.

Editor's note: Below is a video produced by the NHL showing the crew painting the ice. Brandon makes a few brief appearances (wearing the light blue jacket).

Day #6 - January 18

Signage is starting to go up everywhere. We also made it to 1 inch tonight. Tomorrow we paint white and markings on Sunday. We also are using this as our cover. Works awesome but a pain to deal with.

Day #5 - January 17

We made ice! Got a almost a 1/2 in down last night. Finding out covering and in covering is not so fun. We will see what it looks like tonight after the temp outside is sitting around 86 degrees. Also the wild fire out here is making the air crazy between smoke and smell.

Day #4 - January 16

Had the day to head down to Santa Monica Pier. As I write this it is 82 degrees out and I am heading to the rink to put the first floods down. We are now going to overnights to avoid the sun and heat. Here we go!

Day #3 - January 15

Boards are complete and the system is cooling. We start laying water tomorrow night. The floor temp today was over 110 degrees with the sun beating down on it. It was also 86 out for an air temp. Not good. We are trying to make ice and the grounds crew is still trying to mow and water the grass. Big challenges ahead.

Day #2 - January 14

Got the floor all together and the main headers and lines from the truck pulled. And the boards are starting to go up. Tomorrow the system gets charged and we start making ice on Thursday! They are also filming horrible bosses 2 outside our hotel right now. This town is crazy.

Day #1 - January 13

Had sometime to check out the stadium. Did a little work. Got to meet the great one#99 and ended it with a crazy kings game. Had to stop working for a bit to let the press conference start. Yes that is a pool and beach volleyball court in the field.

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