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Host Services

From a small intimate meeting to an event of international significance, the National Sports Center offers flexible indoor and outdoor space to accomodate every occasion with grace, style and affordability.

The National Sports Center Host Services Department is dedicated to providing quality food and customer service to our guests. Our host services staff will customzie a menu to accommodate your special requests. We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, hors d'oeuvres, and refreshing beverages, for whatever the occasion may be. Please contact our Host Services Account Manager for assistance.

Meeting and Event Facility Features:

  • 75,000 square feet of meeting and event space
  • Over 3,000 parking spaces available on-site
  • Easy freeway access from Minneapolis and St. Paul
  • On-site full service catering provided by our Host Services Department
  • Audio/visual available on-site
  • Dedicated analog and digital phone lines available
  • Dedicated line or wireless internet access available
  • Unique sporting and conference facility

Additional Features of the National Sports Center

  • Victory Links Golf Course — designed by PGA Tour Design Services Inc.
  • Schwan Super Rink — Offers eight sheets of ice, which is the largest ice complex i nthe world.
  • Athletic Fields — Certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest soccer complex in the world. With 52 fields being used for sports other than soccer, such as rugby, lacrosse and ultimate disc to name a few.
  • NSC Stadium — 12,000 seat stadium
  • Sports Hall — 58,000 sq. ft. of non-obstructed space.
  • Velodrome — Track cycling is the most exciting sport with two wheels.
  • Residence Hall — Adjoining the Sports Hall, a 180 bed residence hall with a dining area.

Contact for Information

Zach Barrett

Schwan Center

Phone: 763.792.7338 Fx: 763.785.5699

Jade Werner

Residence Hall

Phone: 763.785.5639 Fx: 763.717.3246

Aaron Schmidt

Sports Hall

Phone: 763.717.3889 Fx: 763.785.5699

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