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National Sports Center
1700 105th Ave NE
Blaine, MN 55449
Main ph: 763.785.5600
Main fx: 763.785.5699

Schwan Super Rink
Main ph: 763.717.3880
Victory Links Golf Course
Main ph: 763.717.3240
Schwan Center
Main ph: 763.792.7338
Email: webmaster@nscsports.org

Executive Administration

Todd Johnson

MASC Executive Director

Phone: 763.785.5632

Barclay Kruse

Chief Communications Officer

Phone: 763.785.5634

Neil Ladd

Senior Director

Phone: 763.785.5643

Kris Bjerkness

Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 763.785.5610

Kara Radeke

Senior Director, Soccer and Field Sport Programs

Phone: 763.792.7353

Steve Olson

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 763.785.3639

Pete Carlson

Ice Arena Operations and Programs Director

Phone: 763.717.3881

Campus Administration and Operations

Mary Jane Kunza


Phone: 763.785.5601

Lynda Lynch

MASC Executive Assistant/Fiscal Coordinator

Phone: 763.785.5631

Mike Brodzinski

Expo Sales Specialist

Phone: 763.717.3233

Brandon Radeke

Facility Operations Manager

Phone: 763.717.3879

Andrew Lingren

Assistant Operations Manager

Phone: 763.238.6854

Mark Erickson

NSC Consulting

Phone: 763.785.5662

Dave Brown

Building Services Technician

Phone: 763.785.5646

Brian Ahlers

Assistant Operations Manager

Phone: 763.458.6629

Host Services

Jade Werner

Host Services Manager

Phone: 763.785.5639

Ryan Highberg

Hat Trick Cafe and Host Services Manager

Phone: 763.717.3893

Zach Barrett

Host Services Account Manager

Phone: 763.792.7338

Finance and Accounting

Darin Thompson

Director of Finance

Phone: 763.792.7306

Patti Pallow


Phone: 763.785.3688

Colleen Slattery


Phone: 763.785.5612

Marketing and Communications

John Connelly

Director of Sales and Development

Phone: 763.717.3888

Amber Johnson

Video Producer/Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 763.717.3246

Scott Clasen

Director of Marketing

Phone: 763.717.3896

Rob Lodge

Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 763.717.3243

Business Technology

Trygve Nystuen

Business Technology Director

Phone: 763.785.5658

James Tainter

Application Development Manager

Soccer and Field Sport Programs

Kara Radeke

Schwan's USA CUP Director

Phone: 763.792.7353

Danielle Seraphine

Field Sports Registrar/Project Manager

Phone: 763.785.5641

Aaron Schmidt

Sports Services Programming Coordinator, Referees

Phone: 763.717.3889

Sports Hall Front Desk

Phone: 763.785.5672

Toll-Free Number

Phone: 1.800.535.4730

Colleen Bourdon

Schwan's USA CUP Recruiting

Phone: 763.785.5615

Jenny Een

NSC CUP, All American Girls', Holiday Classic, NSC Fall Cup, NSC Spring Cup

Phone: 763.717.3235

Bob Williams

Cycling, Field/Sports Hall Rentals

Phone: 763.785.5614

Velodrome Hotline

Phone: 763.785.5651

USA Cup Fax Line

Phone: 763.785.3660

Vicki Barnes

Schwan's USA CUP Recruiting

Phone: 763.785.5652

Stephonie Broughton

Manager, soccer and field sport programs/special events, lodging, USA CUP activities and vendors

Phone: 763.717.3238

Clinton Labeau

Sports Sales Coordinator, USA CUP volunteers

Phone: 763.785.3679

Weather Hotline

Phone: 763.785.5655

USA Cup Office Line

Phone: 763.785.5656

Ice Sports Programming

Spencer Arvold

Ice Sports Program Manager

Phone: 763.717.3234

Cheryl Blaker

Ice Sports Registrar

Phone: 763.717.3229

Brandon Koontz

Ice Sports Programming Coordinator - Adult Leagues and tournaments

Phone: 763.717.3210

Anna Leik

Skating School Director

Phone: 763.717.3209

Jane Schaber

Skating School Director

Phone: 763.717.3891

Rob Loftus

Development Program Manager

Phone: 763.717.3895

Dustin Snyder

Ice Sports Programming Coordinator - The Rush, All American Girls, Stick it to Cancer

Phone: 763-785-5649

Schwan Super Rink Operations

Kathy Brodzinski

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 763.792.7340

Super Rink Fax

Phone: 763.785.5650

Tom Sobolewski

Ice Operations Manager

Phone: 763.785.5620

Super Rink Information

Phone: 763.785.3687

Russ Rose

Building Engineer

Phone: 763.717.3202

Brandon Bubany

Assistant Ice Operations Manager

Phone: 763-248-5516

Golf Programming and Turf Management

Scott Roth

PGA Professional

Phone: 763.792.7345

Jeff Meihofer


Phone: 763.792.3991

Ben Wallin

Assistant Turf Superintendent

Phone: 763.792.7352

Curtiss Conkright

Turf Superintendent

Phone: 763.792.7352

Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission

State Games

Phone: 1.800.756.STAR

MASC Events

Phone: 1.800.500.8766

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