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Sponsorship Opportunities

We take pride in building sponsor packages that meet your needs directly. From specific event or league sponsorship to facility wide packages, we listen to your goals to create a true partnership. Please contact John Connelly, NSC Development Director, 763.717.3888, jconnelly@nscsports.org.

Here are just some examples of the wide variety of sponsorship and advertising opportunities at the National Center: building and facility sponsors, event and program sponsorships, interior room sponsors, temporary event signage, ice arena dasher boards, golf holes, and event program book advertising.

The following information will give a sense of the type of audience a sponsor will encounter at the National Sports Center.

National Sports Center Demographic Information

  • Total annual attendance of 4 million.
  • NSC is the most visited sports facility in Minnesota.
  • 89% are visitors from the Twin Cities Metro area.
  • 3% are Minnesota residents from outside the Twin Cities.
  • 8% are out-of-state visitors.
  • NSC hosts an average of 12 different programs, events, and activities on the campus each day.
  • Because participation in youth sports involves the entire family, the NSC attendance comes from a wide range of age, gender, and income levels.
  • Annual out-of-state economic impact: $37 million.

Sport and activity attendance breakdown

  • Soccer: 1,522,499
  • Ice Sports (hockey, figure skating, broomball, public skating): 1,088,398
  • Golf: 26,686
  • Non-sport activities (meetings, consumer shows): 151,416
  • Miscellaneous field sports (lacrosse, rugby, ultimate disc, football): 451,008

Sport Demographic Data:
Youth soccer participants*:

  • 85% are under the age of 14.
  • 55/45% male-to-female ratio.
  • 95% have internet access.
  • 45% live in the suburbs.
  • 72% play at least one other organized sport.

Parents of youth soccer players*:

  • 96% have internet access.
  • 88% are married.
  • 59% have a college degree.
  • 36% have a household income exceeding $80,000.
  • 84% attend most or all of their kids’ soccer games and practices.

* Source: US Youth Soccer Association

Youth hockey families**:

  • Spend an average of two hours per visit to the arena.
  • Spend an average of $1,600 annually on youth hockey fees and equipment.
  • Majority of parents are 35-54, married, college-educated, homeowners, $68,000 average annual household income.

** Source: Arena Marketing Inc.

The National Sports Center Foundation invites sponsor interest and inquiries. Please contact John Connelly, NSC Development Director , 763.717.3888, jconnelly@nscsports.org.

Sponsorship Contact Information

John Connelly

Director of Business Development

Phone: 763.717.3888

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