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  • Adult Tourneys for You!

  • 11/13/2013, 3:00pm CST, By Admin
  • Check out all the adult hockey tournaments hosted at the Schwan Super Rink<b>http://www.nscsports.org/page/show/477168-hockey-tournaments-at-the-schwan-super-rink</b>
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  • USA International Hockey Cup

  • 11/12/2013, 3:30pm CST, By Admin
  • Our premier summer tournament series is now accepting applications for the 2014 event<b>http://www.nscsports.org.prod.ngin.com/page/show/483876-usa-international-hockey-cup</b>
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  • Eight Sheets of Ice

  • 02/11/2013, 8:30am CST, By Admin
  • The Schwan Super Rink boasts eight sheets of ice under one roof<b>/page/show/475102-schwan-super-rink</b>
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  • Learn to Skate

  • 10/02/2012, 4:13pm CDT, By Admin
  • Be a part of Minnesota's largest learn to skate program. <b>http://www.nscsports.org/page/show/484739-learn-to-skate-programs</b>
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