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Camps & Ice Show

REACH Figure Skating Camp

July 6 - 8, 2017

  • R - Reach
  • E - Excellence
  • A - Achieve
  • C - Challenging
  • H - Heights

Presenting coaches: Doug Ladret, Ben Agosto, Lara Ladret, Douglas Razzano, and additional staff to be announced.

“The National Sports Center Travel has discounted rates available for this event, Please contact NSC Travel at 763.717.3885 or to book rooms for this event.”

Spring Ice Show

Great job to this year's skaters. Thanks to our fans for coming to the show.

We are looking forward to next year's ice show - April 2018. See you there!

Spring Ice Show 2016

Skating Contacts

Anna Leik

Phone: 763.717.3209 Fx: 763.785.5650

Jane Schaber

Phone: 763.717.3891 Fx: 763.785.5650