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Party Rental

Birthday Parties at the Super Rink

Come celebrate your birthday at the Super Rink! Your friends will never forget the experience of having a party at the largest ice complex in the world. 

Customer testimonial for Super Rink parties:

"We keep using the Super Rink for birthday parties because it is a fun way to celebrate. It gives [the kids] an hour on the ice with just our party which is so much fun for the kids and adults alike. The party room and rink are always in excellent condition and very clean. The setup with the table and balloons always looks so great. I LOVE that we can come into the party and not have to set anything up at all. Having a host/hostess makes everything from getting skates to celebrating very easy. Everything was wonderful and I wouldn’t doubt if you see us again next year."

Party Package

  • Party during public skate
  • Skate rental
  • Reserved party area
  • Pizza, popcorn and pop are included*
  • Invitations for all guests
  • Party decorations are included
  • Rates
    • 1-10 people (two pizzas, two pitchers pop, bowl of popcorn): $170
    • 11-15 people (three pizzas, three pitchers pop, bowl of popcorn): $195
    • 16-20 people (four pizzas, four pitchers pop, bowl of popcorn): $225
    • 21-25 people (five pizzas, five pitchers of pop, two bowls of popcorn): $255

Super Package

  • Private ice rental for one hour (if playing hockey, equipment is required)
  • Skate rental
  • Reserved party area
  • Music of your choice
  • Pizza, popcorn and pop included*
  • Invitations for guests
  • Party decorations
  • Rates
    • 1-10 people (three pizzas, three pitchers pop, bowl of popcorn): $315
    • 11-15 people (four pizzas, four pitchers pop, bowl of popcorn): $335
    • 16-20 people (five pizzas, five pitchers pop, two bowls of popcorn): $360
    • 21-25 people (six pizzas, six pitchers of pop, two bowls of popcorn): $385

*The only outside food allowed is store bought birthday cake or cupcakes. You may bring in any decorations that you wish.

Let's Party!

Contact Kathy Brodzinski today to reserve your next birthday party.
Email:   Phone: 763.792.7340

Super Rink Contact

Kathy Brodzinski

Office Administrator And Ice Sales

Phone: 763-792-7340

Eric Edhlund

Ice Arena Operations Manager

Phone: 763-717-3236

Pete Carlson

Senior Director of Operations and Programs

Phone: 763.717.3881