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Intro to Hockey Program

Introducing hockey to boys and girls 3 years-old and up!

The Intro to Hockey program at the Super Rink is designed for boys and girls ages 4+ that have no hockey experience and want to be introduced to the basics of hockey. 

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Registration Information

To register, begin by clicking "Register Now" on the right-hand side, then follow these instructions:

FOR FIRST TIME USERS - Follow these quick and easy steps:
1. Click the "Create Account" link in the upper right corner of this page and fill in all required information on the Create Account page.


  • At the bottom of the form, make sure and add all family members so they will be eligible to register for activities too.
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Choose the "Registration" drop-down, select "Activity Registration" and then "Intro to Hockey".

Learn to Skate Class Descriptions

Questions on where your child is in the Learn to Skate program? Click here for more information!

Session Dates - Spring dates coming soon

Intro to Hockey 1: Spring dates coming soon 
Intro to Hockey 2 & 3: Spring dates coming soon
Make-up Policy
We offer one complimentary open skate pass per session for missed classes. One pass may be requested per session by email to
The request must be made by the end of the session.

Program Features

  • 6 or 7 on-ice sessions (depending on group)
  • Professional instruction
  • Proven teaching methods for best results at younger ages, utilizing the ISI and USA Hockey recommendations.
  • Intro to Hockey jersey

Intro to Hockey 1 Curriculum

Must have passed previous *required levels or instructor permission/evaluation pass Learn to Skate


  • Straight line One Foot Pushes – Left & Right
  • Forward Strides – Stroking
  • Forward Crossovers – Left & Right
  • Backward Glide
  • Backward Skating – C -Cuts

Agility & Balance:

  • Two knee Touch – Moving
  • One Knee Touch – Left & Right
  • Stomach – Belly touch
  • Jump over stick

*Tot 1 and Tot 2

Intro to Hockey 2 Curriculum

Must have passed previous *required levels or instructor permission/evaluation

Full hockey gear- sticks and pucks for specific skill development when needed.


  • Continued development of forward strides and crossovers
  • Introduction to edges forward and backwards
  • Stationary Stick handling
  • Forward Skating with Puck
  • Forward Skating while Stickhandling
  • Backward Skating with Puck

Intro to Hockey Shots

  • Stationary Forehand
  • Stationary Back hand
  • Passing while skating

Small games development utilizing above and previous learned skills

*Intro to Hockey 1 or Intro to Mites

Intro to Hockey 3 Curriculum

Must have passed previous *required levels or instructor permission/evaluation

Full hockey gear with sticks and pucks


  • Continued development of Forward Strides, crossovers and edges


  • Wrist Shot
  • Slap Shot
  • Backhand Shot

Maintaining Puck Possession

  • Control turn with Puck
  • Keeping Puck in front
  • Keeping puck along the boards

Gaining Puck Possession

  • Taking Control of opposition along boards
  • Taking control of opposition while moving

Small games development utilizing above and previous learned skills

*Intro to Hockey 2 or Intro to Mites


My daughter played a full Init-D season last year, a few short clinics here and there, and is on week #3 with the Intro Mites. I must say, that hands down, this is by far the most fun and best skating/hockey experience she has been involved with since day one. Great job coaches and the others who make it happen. My wife have boasted about the program to others and will definitely continue to do so.

  • Aaron

Thanks for a great camp. Our son Owen came off the rink every day sweating and smiling. He loved it and we will be signing up for the next session. Thanks again!

  • Mike

My son, Michael was in the last session of Intro Mites on Tuesday mornings. I want to give our compliments to the Coach. He is an exceptional coach and deserves an abundance of praise. He is so positive, fun and energetic. Each session was exciting for my son, yet well controlled, considering the challenging age group he was working with. I saw a big improvement in Michael’s skating ability and most importantly, he has developed a genuine love for the sport of hockey. He has been counting the days for it to start again, and following hockey at every level from High School to the Olympics. I have recommended this program to two of our friends who are now enrolled in the Saturday session, the coaching being the primary reason for it.

  • Shelley and Jeff

Thank you-Sage loved the intro mites and loved his coach- Tad. He had so much fun and learned a lot too. Tad is a great coach & does a really good job with the kids. Teaching them, and at the same time making it fun for them. It was well worth the drive from Belle Plaine for the class! Sage is now looking forward to the next camp the last week in August at the Super Rink :)

Thanks again- you have a wonderful program for the kids.

  • Jami

Please thank all the coaches in this Intro session. Our son really enjoyed the program. Great idea teaching skills while playing games. We need to give kids a fun first experience on the ice. Nice Work!

  • Jon

 I have been extremely impressed with the way that  you run this program. It is clear that a lot of thought went in to planning a program that emphasizes the most important thing for kids of this age, that they have fun on the ice. While there is no doubt that hockey skills are developed as well, developing a passion for an activity in a four year old is truly a remarkable skill. My son looks forward to hockey every Saturday morning all week and enjoys himself immensely while he is there. We will certainly sign him up for the program again. Thanks again.

  • Mike

The thanks go to all of you for your time and energy. Thank you so much for all your work, our daughter, Cassie, had a great time out there with you all.


  • Karyn & Chris

Thank you guys for a great session. I know that Torin learned a lot in an environment with a great group of coaches.

Thanks again!

  • Jennifer

Thank you Darin! You and your staff should be proud of the work you do with the little guys. A job well done. Nolan will see you in the spring.

Program Fee

Spring details coming soon

  • No refunds will be given to individuals dropping inside 2 weeks of program start date. Any refund issued will have 2% deducted as a processing fee.

Full hockey equipment required (not provided)

  • Helmet with full facemask
  • Mouth guard
  • Shoulder pads (optional)
  • Elbow pads
  • Hockey gloves
  • Hockey pants/breezers
  • Shin pads
  • Hockey socks or sweat pants to cover shin pads
  • Skates
  • Hockey stick
  • Jersey will be provided for all participants

Program Contacts

Jacob Mars


Phone: 763.717.3895

Cheryl Blaker


Phone: 763.717.3229