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NSC Master planning project

NSC Master Plan

Originally written in 2017, and updated periodically since then, this master plan will provide the broad guidelines to shape the next 30 years of the National Sports Center.

Over its nearly 30-year history, the National Sports Center (NSC) has been the setting for millions of people to experience the joy and rewards of playing sports. It is hard to imagine the countless memories made by this place and the positive impacts it has had on the lives of the participants, their families and their communities.

This impact is direct result of visionary thinking by those with a dream at the beginning. Over the years, the NSC has grown and changed as opportunities arose. The NSC has been governed and inspired by broad principles of self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, customer-service and programming creativity that position the facility for the second phase of its life.

The goal of this master plan – the NSC's first – is to guide future investments so the campus can become even more effective in creating lasting memories for visitors and expanding its positive impact on the community.


The National Sports Center campus and programs will build healthy individuals and communities by providing the best environment in the United States for playing amateur sports.


  1. The NSC campus will strongly contribute to the memories made here.
  2. The NSC campus will offer comfort and activity for all participants and their supporters.
  3. The NSC campus will bring diverse communities together by offering the best sports facilities available to as many participants as possible.
  4. The NSC campus will be a model for sustainability and resilience.
  5. The NSC campus will contribute meaningfully to the vitality of the community.

A PDF of the Master Plan is located below:

Solar Development on National Sports Center Campus

The National Sports Center is soliciting proposals from qualified firms, partnerships, corporations, associations or professional organizations to design and build a solar photovoltaics system (PV system) on private/state property and provide power to the State facility.

A PDF of the Request for Proposal is located below: