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It's Flashback Friday! We're using the NSC time machine to go back 17 years

05/03/2019, 4:30pm CDT
By Barclay Kruse, NSC Chief Communications Officer

It's Flashback Friday! Today, let's play a game. Climb into the National Sports Center's solar-powered time machine and go back to 2002 -- 17 years ago. That's when the photo was taken. How many differences can you find, then to now, both on the NSC campus and on the land within the photo that's adjacent to our campus? Our staff has come up with 30 differences. How many can you find? To play the game, go to the NSC's Facebook page, and submit your guesses in the comment section under the photo.

We will randomly pick one correct guesser to win a National Sports Center prize pack of cool stuff!

Ready? Go!

How many differences can you find in this photo -- 2002 to the present day?

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