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New Spring Lake Park K-4 elementary school to be built on the NSC campus

02/16/2017, 5:00pm CST
By Barclay Kruse, Chief Communications Officer

Blaine, Minn. (February 21, 2017) – The National Sports Center (NSC) is excited to announce that the Spring Lake Park Schools has selected the National Sports Center campus as the site for its new preK-4 elementary school. The school will be located on property currently owned by the National Sports Center, near the intersection of Davenport St. NE and 105th Ave. NE, pending city approval. 

The central location of the new school will provide an ideal venue for the future headquarters of the Schwan's USA CUP soccer tournament in July.

The district will be purchasing 11 acres from the State of Minnesota, but the total school site will be approximately 25 acres including adjacent fields that will be available for shared use by Spring Lake Park students and existing NSC programs, tournaments, and field rentals.

The exact location of the school will be at the west end of the Main Parking Lot, just north of the NSC Velodrome, with vehicle and bus access off Davenport St. NE. Over 600 students are expected to be served by the school.

Students will have access to shared-use fields adjacent to the school.

The NSC believes this is an innovative public-public partnership that will enhance use of the existing NSC facilities and provide educational and lifestyle benefits to Spring Lake Park students and their families.

Here are some of the positives of hosting a new school on the NSC campus, from the NSC’s perspective:

  • Students and faculty will be using the campus at a time that historically the NSC has been relatively quiet -- during daytime hours on school days. This is an efficient use of a public resource for both the school district and the NSC.
  • Spring Lake Park students will have access to NSC facilities, such as the playing fields, Schwan Super Rink and Victory Links golf course, for educational and fitness activities.
  • The NSC sees tremendous benefit in having several hundred families who will have a new interest in what happens at the NSC and will be stakeholders in the facility’s success.
  • The NSC will offer some rewarding educational and volunteer opportunities to school families, including the opportunity to interact with visitors from all over the U.S. and with international visitors at events such as the Schwan’s USA CUP soccer tournament each summer.
  • The school building has great potential to be used for event operations for Schwan’s USA CUP, and potentially other events as well. The school could be used as event headquarters, team check-in, and a location for tournament operations such as the media center and medical headquarters.
  • The NSC sees great potential for collaboration with Spring Lake Park Schools in areas such as fitness and health research, creative fitness programming, and event involvement.
  • The NSC will be the long-term training home of Minnesota United FC, a major league soccer team. The team has an interest in investing in the school’s activities, including having players and coaches interact with students. The team is also interested in the potential to build future educational opportunities through soccer at a high level.

This image shows the future location of the new elementary school at the west end of the Main Parking Lot. Traffic access will be off Davenport St. NE.

“The National Sports Center could not be more excited about this innovative public-public partnership with Spring Lake Park Schools,” said Todd Johnson, National Sports Center Executive Director.  “The new elementary school on our campus will bring people onto our campus at a time of day when we are traditionally quiet – during the daytime hours on school days. The NSC offers facilities and events that will provide unique educational benefits to students and their families, and we are excited to explore how to use the resources of the NSC to support and enhance the educational mission of the school district.”

“This collaboration will serve as a unique incubator as well, leading to innovative, creative and groundbreaking innovations for students.”

“After many months of hard work by so many people, we are pleased to share the announcement about the site for the new school, as well as the design of the school,” said Spring Lake Park School Superintendent Jeff Ronneberg. “We are proud to be partnering with the NSC to turn the vision of this new school into reality.”

Pending city approval, the district will begin construction in the spring of 2017 and the school will be ready for occupancy in September of 2018.

Parking and traffic studies were conducted by civil engineers with SRF Consulting Group at the NSC site. Findings indicate that existing parking is sufficient for current programming, as well as after the school is constructed. The study of traffic patterns indicates that existing infrastructure at 105th Ave. NE and Davenport St. NE is sufficient to effectively manage school-associated traffic. Possible future improvements on 105th will further enhance infrastructure.

As part of the parking mitigation plan, a new 300-space parking lot will be constructed on what is now field U3, and eventually the NSC plans to build a new public entrance to the Indoor Sports Hall on the west end of the building.

More information about the school site and design is posted on the district’s website at and click on “Facilities Updates.”


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