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NSC construction update for December 19; street and stadium projects suspended for the winter

12/19/2017, 3:30pm CST
By Barclay Kruse, Chief Communications Officer

The last two remaining construction projects on the National Sports Center campus -- the 105th Ave NE reconstruction and the NSC Stadium turf installation -- have been suspended for the winter. Here are the details:

105th Ave NE reconstruction

This week the contractor suspended work on the project until next spring.  Installation was completed on the water main from Radisson Road to Davenport Street and connected all of the existing properties to the new main.  In addition, a small portion of storm sewer on the north side was completed.

The project is well positioned for early construction to begin in the spring.  Connexus Energy is also finishing the installation of two temporary lights at the roundabouts.  

The City of Blaine is requesting that traffic use caution while traveling through the project site for the winter.

NSC Stadium turf installation

The contractor has concluded work in the Stadium for the season. The turf has been installed on the full two-field footprint, and is currently snow covered:

The contractor will return at the earliest opportunity in the spring to lay infill over the newly-installed turf. Sand and rubber pellets will be spread over the turf.

The infill has been already been delivered to the campus. It's currently being stored outside the back of rink 8 at the Schwan Super Rink, which is constricting traffic  to one lane and limiting parking.

The contractor will move the infill to clear parking and traffic lanes prior to the Schwan's Cup hockey tournament and Holiday Classic soccer tournament which start on December 26.

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