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May 28-29, 2022

The 28th Annual NSC CUP is the Midwest's premier Memorial Day tournament. This events takes place Saturday and Sunday of the holiday weekend.

Tournament Contacts

Krystal Scidmore

Tournament Director

Phone: 763.792.7353

Annie Juergens


Phone: 763.717.3210

Youth Memorial Day Tournament

Join us for some great competition over Memorial Day Weekend. Events are sanctioned by partners Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (USYS) and Blaine Soccer Club (US Club Soccer).

Tournament Details

  • Tournament ranking committee will place teams into a flight that best fits the team's competitive ability
  • Tournament reserves the right to combine age groups, depending on the total number of teams in identified age divisions
  • Teams will be notified prior to the tournament if age groups are to be combined
  • Age groups may be flighted to help parity of competition if a group exceeds eight teams.

COVID-19 Requirements

The National Sports Center will be following state and CDC guidance by strongly recommending all non-vaccinated individuals wear masks while in NSC facilities.  

Thank you,

National Sports Center Headquarters

Tournament Fees

  • 9U/10U Jamboree: $320
  • 10U Competitive: $370
  • 11U-12U: $420 
  • 13U-19U: $479  
  • Multiple team discount available, please email Clinton for more details.
  • Voucher Policy: If your team needs to drop from the event you have the option to receive a voucher that is good for the following events listed below, a request for a voucher must be completed by May 1. At this time we are not offering refunds for this event.
    • 2021 NSC Fall Cup
    • 2021/22 NSC College Showcase
    • 2022 NSC Kickoff Challenge
    • 2022 NSC Spring Cup
    • 2022 NSC Cup Memorial Day 
    • 2022 NSC All American
  • Weather Cancellation Policy. If cancellation of the entire tournament occurs due to spring weather conditions, each team will receive a voucher in the amount of the tournament fees and may be used for specified 2021 events only and the 2022 NSC Cup. This does not apply to weather delays, shortened, rescheduled games, and/or cancellation of tournament games after the event has begun.
  • Event Cancellation Policy. The following policy will be enacted IF an event hosted by the National Sports Center MUST be canceled by the directives of the State of Minnesota or the Minnesota Department of Health. Please know that our top priority in making decisions moving forward will be the safety and health of our players, coaches, referees, employees, and fans.

    The team will receive a refund for your event entry. Team registration refunds will be processed at 100% of the registration total. Refunds will be credited to your account by no later than December 31, 2021. *Please note that if a team elects to drop prior to the event, the above voucher policy will be in effect. This includes teams making their own decision to withdraw prior to the potential cancellation. If a customer (club, team, individual) is required to quarantine due to illness or exposure to the COVID-19 virus, and is unable to participate, for this reason, a refund will not be issued unless done within the parameters of the existing policy.
  • Events are sanctioned by partners Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (USYS) and Blaine Soccer Club (US Club Soccer).

Youth Tournament Details

10U Competitive, 11U-19U Tournament Features

  • Played on the grass fields of the world's largest soccer complex
  • All teams will play first game on Saturday
  • World Cup groups, top teams advance to playoff round
  • Three-game guarantee
  • Three-person referee system (13U-19U)
  • 10U competitive divisions play 7v7 format
  • 11U and 12U age divisions play 9v9 format

The tournament ranking committee will place teams into a flight that best fits the team's competitive ability. The tournament reserves the right to combine age groups, depending on the total number of teams in the identified age divisions. Teams will be notifed prior to the tournament if groups are to be combined. In addition, an age group may be flighted to help parity of competition.


Each player who is on the first or second place team will receive a medal and the coach will receive a plaque. Each first place team will have its team roster engraved on the NSC CUP trophy which is on display in the National Sports Center lobby.

9U/10U Jamboree Features

  • Played on the grass fields of the world's largest soccer complex
  • 50-minute games
  • Four-game guarantee, round robin format, no playoffs
  • No scores recorded
  • One official per game
  • Games played Saturday and Sunday only
  • MYSA guidelines
  • All participants receive a player gift
  • 7v7 format
  • Teams will be scheduled in a group with other teams of same caliber when possible

9U/10U Jamboree Details

Open to all teams which participate in the 9U and 10U age categories. The age category will be played as one group, unless numbers allow to group by age & level of play (division).

Tournament Rules

The rules for NSC CUP are presented here in PDF format for easy download and printing.

  • 2021 NSC CUP Rules 
    • 2022 Rules Coming Soon
  • In the 9U-11U age groups, when a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick (IFK) should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. Players should not be given a red card by heading the ball off of the goal line, this should be awarded with an indirect free kick as stated above.
  • Glasses: It is recommend for those who wear glasses to wear a strap or sports-type glasses to participate in games. The referee has the authority to determine if the glasses can be worn.
  • Casts: It is recommended for those who have a hard or soft cast to wrap it with bubble wrap and an ace bandage. Prior to the game check with the referee. The referee has the authority to determine if they can play with the cast.

Application Deadline

  • April 29th 2022, or when divisions fill

Team Eligibility

Vendor Information

The National Sports Center has frequent opportunities for competitive vendors to support campus events. Below you will find information regarding how to get started in applying to be a vendor.


A completed vendor request form is required for your company to be entered in the National Sports Center’s Vendor Directory. Please provide all data applicable to your company. You may submit this form electronically or print and fax to 763.785.3660.

NOTE: Submitting this form does NOT guarantee that you will be selected as a vendor. The National Sports Center will contact you upon receipt of your completed document.

The National Sports Center thanks you for your interest in doing business with us.

NSC Fund for Play

The NSC Fund For Play is the contribution and donation arm of the National Sports Center Foundation. We are dedicated to improving the lives of Minnesota residents by creating programs and initiatives that support a diverse and engaged community. If you would like to make a donation to improve the health, well-being, and outlook of participants through access to sports and healthy, safe environments, please click HERE.

Thank you for considering!