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AKA All Sports Camp

AKASPORT (Active Kids Association of Sport) is proud to present the annual AKA All Sports Camp at the National Sports Center. The AKA All Sports Camp features a different sport and field trip each week, professional instruction, and a wide variety of games, activities, friendships and more.

Kids endure a full day (7 am-6 pm) of fun with friends and coaches as soon as they enter the door! The days are divided in free play, focused sport play and instruction, lunch time, relax/reading time, and more free play. This is the best way to keep kids active throughout the day while mom and dad are busy at home or at work.

This summer's highlights include: New field trips, exciting STEAM activities, an educational and hands-on nutrition component, and new sports themes.  Kids, get off the couch and come join us for fun with the most all-inclusive sports camp around. To find out more about our AKA All Sports Camp or other sport related programs, check out our website. There you can check out our programs, get on our mailing list, and see how you can be part of the AKASPORT active programs and adventures. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


1850 105th Avenue NE

Blaine MN 55449


Locations also at Adrenaline Sports Center, Centennial High School, and Hopkins Pavilion.