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Host Serv. Concessions Coordinator

Position Information

  • Classification: Part-time
  • Compensation: Based on education and experience
  • Hours per week: Varies based on campus events
  • Location: All campus concessions and catering sites
  • Kitchen and concession experience preferred, but not required


Schedule will vary based on events.

Position Description

The National Sports Center is looking for an energetic, self-motivated individual with an outgoing personality, a strong work ethic, and a professional appearance. We require someone who can provide excellent customer service.

Position Responsibilities

  • Assist in managing the daily operations of the Hat Trick Café and Hat Trick Express
  • Schedule staff efficiently
  • Daily set up, training, clean up, and close down
  • Assists in register programming and upkeep
  • Cash requests, cash deposits, and teaching cash handling procedures for staff
  • Responsible for product ordering and rotation
  • Monthly inventory
  • Waste control procedures
  • Works with Ice Sports Programing staff to support internal Host Service Requests, Team Meal Programs and Catered Events
  • Keeps Host Services Director informed by e-mail of all internal Host Services requests and all other customer requests that require invoicing
  • Assists Welcome Center staff in set up and production of events when necessary
  • Reports Health Department findings to designated Host Services Manager and Director of Host Services
  • Corrects & responds to Health Department findings with assistance from designated Host Service Manager and Director of Host Services
  • Upkeep and cleaning of all concessions equipment
  • Responsible for general cleanliness - including kitchen equipment

Position Qualifications

  • 2 years experience in the food & beverage industry or an equivalent combination of education and supervisory experience.
  • Physical Requirements: This positions requires the ability to lift, pull, push, move, and carry up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to operate commercial grade kitchen equipment such as popcorn popper, hotdog machine, kitchen ovens, etc.
  • Experience preferred but not necessary

Position Application

Please email the application below to for further information. Applications being received through 9/25/2016.

Employment Application

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur facilisis nibh velit, id bibendum nunc ornare at. Suspendisse eget neque eu tellus pharetra tincidunt id eu risus.

Example Headline

Victory Links Golf Course is one of the most unique golf courses in the country. It was specifically built for youth golfers but services a wide range of ages and abilities. We have a large range of programs designed to improve the game for kids and adults.

Example Headline

Victory Links Golf Course is one of the most unique golf courses in the country. It was specifically built for youth golfers but services a wide range of ages and abilities. We have a large range of programs designed to improve the game for kids and adults.

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Irrigation Foreman - Field and Turf maintenance

The National Sports Center is seeking applicants for an Irrigation Foreman to manage all outdoor irrigation systems on campus, which includes over 50 full-sized outdoor soccer fields, an 18-hole golf course and more.

Irrigation Foreman - Field and turf maintenance

Reports to: Golf Course Superintendent and Sports Field Manager
Classification: Full time, non-exempt
Hours: 40 hours/week with some weekends and overtime
Salary: $12.00-$14.00/hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

Duties of the position include, but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of multiple irrigation systems
  • Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting irrigation controllers
  • Responsible for making necessary repairs and adjustments to maintain all irrigation systems in proper working condition
  • Compile and submit reports and records of all irrigation systems
  • Responsible for the inventory of parts, supplies, and equipment of irrigation systems
  • Conducts regular system inspections and performs troubleshooting exercise
  • Performs any assigned duty before, during, and after an event
  • Performs related work as required and as directed

Knowledge, abilities, and skills needed for this position:

  • Considerable knowledge in the field of irrigation, installation, maintenance, and repairs
  • Knowledge of the occupational hazards and the proper use of safety practices
  • Ability to diagnose problems with a variety of tools, perform necessary repairs, and make proper adjustments
  • Considerable knowledge of Toro irrigation parts and controllers
  • Ability to maintain records and submit reports on conditions of all irrigation systems
  • Ability to interpret irrigation plans
  • Ability to operate various pieces of maintenance equipment
  • Ability to understand and carry out instructions to complete work assignments correctly and efficiently
  • Ability to perform manual labor, including standing, sitting, kneeling, and bending for an extended period of time, under various conditions
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 25 pounds and occasionally 50 pounds
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions, including heat, humidity, cold, rain, and snow
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, employees, and external vendors
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including weekends, holidays, and evenings as required
  • Ability to assist in supervising a work crew as needed

Experience and training:

  • Completion of a 2-4 year agronomy degree
  • Considerable experience in the maintenance and installation of Toro irrigation systems

To apply:

Please email the application below to for further information.

Click here for Employment Application

This is an editable document. To complete digitally, open in Adobe Acrobat. Otherwise, print, complete, scan, attach and email to the address above.