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Guest Players & Player Pool

June 7-9, 2024

Showcase tournament featuring full-length games.


Tournament Contacts

Clinton LaBeau


Phone: 763.785.3679

Logan Halvorson


Phone: 763.785.5678

Guest Player Rules

  • Guest players must be registered with USYS, US Club Soccer or FIFA affiliate and possess a current youth player pass.
  • A ‘guest player’ is any player not identified on your current USYS/US Club Soccer or Provincial/Club roster.
  • Guest player limit: 6
  • Guest players must be registered with USYS or FIFA affiliate and possess a current youth player pass.
  • US Club Soccer players may NOT guest play on USYS teams.
  • USYS player may NOT guest play on US Club Soccer teams.
  • Guest players not registered with Minnesota Youth Soccer Association or US Club Soccer must request travel permit/guest player loan form from respective USYS state association or Canadian province/club. Approved copy must be on file before Final Team Check-in.
  • US Club Soccer only: Guest players not registered with your same US Club Soccer should complete the US Club Soccer player loan form. Form can be found in the members only section of the US Club Soccer website. Approved copy must be on file before Final Team Check-in.

Coaches, are you short of players due to injury or other commitments? Aren't having any luck finding a player to complete your roster? Then the NSC All American Cup Player Pool is for you. It connects coaches with players who want to have the All American Cup experience.

Pool Players Seeking a Team

Click HERE to be taken to NSC's new Event HQ to sign up.

We are excited to offer you a new player pool experience at NSC Event HQ!  As a new user you will need to set up a household account in an adult's name. 

  • Once you create your account and verify your email address, you can add "participants" to your account (children, spouses, etc.) for which you can then complete waivers, sign up for programs and register for player pool
  • You will need to provide your name, birth date, gender, address, email and phone number
  • Once you have an account, and have add family members (participants), future events are smooth and easy. You simply click and add, and you’re done!
  • You only need to set up a household account once – quickly sign in with your new username and password for future events
  • We will ask you to confirm your email to keep your account secure

Add yourself to the event player pool by setting up an account at

  • Interested coaches will contact you directly by email.
  • Remember: Pool players may only participate on one team.
  • If you are picked up by a team:
    • Provide the coach with your player code for release of your information to the team roster.
    • Remove your name from the player pool for this event by logging in to Event HQ, find your event pool and select “Leave Pool”
      • Current player pass is required.
      • Your tournament coach will not be able to complete Final Team Check-in without your player pass, causing unnecessary delays. Either get your player pass to the coach prior to Final Team Check-in or check in yourself prior to the coach's arrival at Final Team Check-in.
      • Be prepared with the name of your team and the team's tournament ID number for faster service at Final Team Check-in.

Coaches Seeking Guest Players

  • Log into Team Manager Account; select player pool.
  • Search for players by division, level and/or position.
  • Click the player’s first name for contact by email.
  • If the individual agrees to participate on your team, the player will provide his/her player code necessary for release of information to your roster.
  • Return to Team Manader Account player pool. Click the green check mark before the player’s name; enter the player code, which will add the player’s contact information and liability waiver electronically to your roster.
  • You will not be able to complete Final Team Check-in without player pass, causing unnecessary delays and maybe even a return trip to Final Team Check-in. Either make arrangements with your guest player to secure the proof of age in advance of Final Team Check-in or have your guest player check in prior to your arrival at Final Team Check-in.