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Other Adult Soccer Leagues

Several adult soccer leagues in the Twin Cities area use the National Sports Center fields for league play. Visit each leagues website for schedules and information.

Minnesota Women's Soccer League

The Minnesota Women's Soccer League was formed in 1978 as a way to fill a void in competitive women's soccer in Minnesota. Starting with just a few teams, there are now over 60 teams and have grown to be one of the largest women soccer leagues in the midwest.The MWSL is broken in 5 different levels of skill.


Minnesota Recreational Soccer League

The MRSL is an adult recreational soccer league based out of the Twin Cities. The league consists of multiple divisions, (based on skill level) and groups within each of the divisions. There are usually around 100 teams and about 2,500 active players in the league. Currently, games are scheduled for either Sunday or Monday nights.

Minnesota Amateur Soccer League

The MASL is a highly competitive men's soccer league based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and caters 40 to 50 teams that compete at different levels within the league based on a promotion and relegation process. The different levels, from highest to lowest, include Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Division 4.

Minnesota Senior Soccer League

The MSSL is a diverse soccer league based in Blaine and caters 40 to 50 teams that compete at different divisions, including Legends (40+), Masters (50+), and Grandmasters (60+).