2019 Stick-it to Cancer Champions

  • U16, the Adyson Hansen Division: OS Bandits

  • Collegiate, the Lori Dorff Division: Olson Fish Co. Elks

  • U12, the Audrey Friedman Division: Nordiques

  • C3, the Tudy Fowler Division: She Wolves

  • Co-Ed, the Pam Bealke Division: Hairy Knockles

  • C2, the Susan Gietzen Division: Ely Chix with Stix

  • C1, the Lisa Skeate Division: Moose Tracks

  • B3, the Jean Engels Division: No Cups

  • B2, the Mariah Burch Division: Wolf Pack

  • B1, the Merecie Domagala Division: Northern Enforcers


2019 Stick-it to Cancer Champions