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Grant Available Until March 31! Apply Now!


Grant Application for New Soccer Referees

This grant, presented by the National Sports Center, in conjunction with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), is covering all costs for new referees including course certification and apparel kits.

Available until March 30, candidates with a flexible schedule who are seeking ways to make extra money are encouraged to act fast on this special opportunity. Whether you’ve played the sport or not, becoming a referee can help build leadership and communication skills.

Completion of the course will present recipients with their Grassroots Referee Certification, the most common entry-level certification.

To receive the grant code and start your certification, please email us at

The National Sports Center recruits and hires referees in the following sports:

The NSC is an especially busy place for soccer and hockey referees. Those two sports need qualified, dedicated referees year-round for a full menu of tournaments and leagues. The NSC’s soccer and hockey tournaments are among the largest and most sophisticated in the world, attracting out-of-state and foreign teams and referees. They provide exceptional experience for serious officials.

Local league games give local officials the chance to contribute to the sport and keep their officiating skills sharp.

All referees, regardless of sport, need to visit the Required Forms page to download and print forms that are needed to work at our facility.