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Application and Forms

October 15-16, 2022

The Bundesliga of MN! Challenge the best teams in the area, win money prizes, and enjoy a weekend with friends and celebration!

The Soktoberfest tournament is made for both the most competitive adult teams in MN and teams that are looking for a great time playing the sport they love and enjoying some beers!


  • The application deadline is October 2rd.
  • Forms are due October 7th

Team Manager Account

Soktoberfest Team Manager Account

Rosters due by October 7

  • You can manage your team's roster online, making it easy to drop and add players using your team manager account.
  • You will need your team ID number you received after registering.
  • Please note that the team roster must be completed before players can complete the online NSC Liability waiver. 

Liability Waiver

Waivers due by October 7

  • This is an ADULT event
  • All players must be 18 or older and  must complete the Liability Waiver for themselves

Players are NOT to be listed under the managers or other players account they must have their own NSC Event HQ account 

If you already have an existing NSC Event HQ account then log in here

For Waiver Instructions:

English Click here 

Spanish Click here

For further assistance contact the registrar

Proof of Age

  • All teams/players must provide POA (proof of age)
  • Proof of age can be any form of Minnesota State ID, driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and/or player pass. 
  • New *File Upload option:

    This event is offering the File Upload feature
    * File upload feature may not be available for all events.  

    Team managers and/or parents can securely submit all required documentation (required “forms”) by using the new “File Upload” feature in the NSC Event HQ portal or by email to the Registrar

    Log into your NSC Event HQ account

    (if you do not have an NSC Event HQ account – click HERE to create one) 

    From the list of options found under the “Customer Tools” menu, select the one labeled “File Upload”.  After finding/searching for the event you wish to upload documents for, you will be asked to provide your Team ID. 

    After providing your valid Team ID you will be able to upload files to the NSC file upload system.  Only files with the following extensions are allowed for uploading:  “png”, “pdf”, “gif” and “img”. File capsize is 2MB  

     The Filename should be 20 characters or less. 

    If the file is too large you can try using a free online compressed pdf file site.   Like

or can email to   must be received no later than Friday, October 8th

  • Rosters are frozen at team check-in. Players with missing waivers and/or proof of age will be removed from the roster and are ineligible to play.
  • In the event of a challenge, any players found to be ineligible will result in an automatic forfeit. See rules.





Final Team Check-in

  • Location:  Event HQ - Welcome Center
  • A Team Representative must report to the Welcome Center 60 minutes  prior to the start  of the team's first game and again prior to the start of  EACH game to receive copy of  Official Game Roster to present to the Ref at the start of each game.
    Rosters will be FROZEN  at Team Check-in 
    NO roster changes will be allowed after the team has checked-in. Players must be age eligible and have a waiver completed and provided POA or they will be removed from the roster and are ineligible to participate.
  • Teams will also receive a wrist band for each eligible player. Wrist bands must be worn for the duration of the tournament.